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What I Look Forward to Learning over the Next Year

Diary Entry #5: Ending 2023, Greeting 2024


A person with a light colored fedora is resting in a mesh hammock placed in a house courtyard Infront of the white walls of the building. They have no shoes and a few botted plants decorate the corners of the yard. It is sunny and the vegetation decorating the house roof provide shade against the wall.
Starting on the Right Foot

While last January I reflected on an experienced hurried end to 2022, and a novel start to 2023 with a brief visit home and moving out into my own place for the first time, 2023 ended in Malaysia in the background of a winter vacation with the open horizon in front of me. My future feels disjointed. Journaling is needed to lay out my goals and the action steps required to start my way towards said horizon.

My sister will start her Masters Jaunary 2024 and I return to job searching in Kenya since my OPT in the US finished before I could acquire a Green Card. The plan is to acquire an American Green Card and hold a dual citizenship position with Kenya. Ideally, movement in the future between, and within, these two countries will become easier.

2023, I started working, earning income, and saving well. 2023 is also the year I experienced being fired twice and the importance of the Art of Struggle. It's been a mixed year of blessings and pain. My only wish is to apply what I learned and have been taught in 2024 so the only way I'm progressing is forward and up.


No Longer on American Soil

A woman is taking a selfie while seated on a stone with her legs hanging in a high mountain scape. A city is laid out at the bse of the mountain and it is cloudy in the photo. It is a warm photo with thick greenery below her feet until the city. She grins for the photo while holding her dark brown wide brimmed hat against her head.
In Transition to Live in Change

I'm was in Malaysia! And after this holiday trip, I return home to start the next chapter of my life.

This would be the fifth country I've been to in my life and the experience motivates me to plan the next trip- even if it's in 2 or 3 years.

This has been a trip that was in planning 6-12 months ahead of time, so I had been saving up for it. Of course, getting fired twice in a year made it challenging, but I'm making ends meet and my family has been supportive. After all, if I never plan these things, I'll always post-pone them to the future "when it's easier".

The Next Chapter of Life

After graduating in late 2022 and acquiring my Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate license (LMHCA) in October 2023, I have academically succeeded in the States. It can be said that my goal for going there as an F1 student were met. While the ideal included a Green Card, it's not the end of the world that this detail wasn't ticked off.

Street shot down New York in the middle of the day. it is a bright photo with sparse traffic and vibrant green trees decorating the street.
Creating Life from Chaos is Adulting and Adulthood

My LMHCA is valid for 2 years in Indiana, USA, and I plan to register as a therapist in Kenya to continue accumulating my hours for full licensure. In this way, time is not wasted, and whether I get the Card or Interest Waiver before I am fully licensed in Kenya or not, will be less of a concern, since I would have been practicing all this time. The question of whether the transfer of hours from Kenya to the States is possible is still to be confirmed.

This next chapter is heavily centered on my career and studies- on self-investment and skill development. Nonetheless, my energy cup will be filled with moments of reading, artistic creation, and writing. Dating is aspirational and a fun topic of conversation, but nothing actionable at present. Not only do I not feel stable enough to grant dates the commitment they deserve, I may leave the country again this year!


Unemployed and Seeking

Seeking work was a chore and I don't expect it to be too different this time. As I said last year, if "I found an ideal space, great! If not, I’d still learn and grow. I’m aware that I’m a baby in the workforce- there’s only more learn if nothing else- and, God-willing, I have time on my side".

A pair of white hands with light blue cuffs from a shirt are working on flowers on a wooden table. Sheers, string, colored string, scissors, and wrapping paper are scattered to the right of the parted flowers
Hello Spring 2024: Practicing the Art of Creation

Using Excel Spreadsheet, I plan to apply at least to 5 places every day, or engage with them in conversation or via email. With my efforts, and the connections of family and peers, I should be employed relatively quickly. I will be broke for a while though, so my personal therapy work will be on hold again. Taking up my stepfather's advice, I will also personally visit areas of interest so I can see the workplace and accelerate engagement with prospective employers.

I look forward to continuing to not only create my life system and days, but my Self. I look forward to keeping a job down for more than half a year- and getting my hours!

Self Discovery and Transformation Continuing...

My spiritual practice is automatic at this point! Not to say I never get distracted during QT (Quiet Time), or that I never get tired- or miss a day- but these things have been happening increasingly less. To the point I feel as if- for the past year- I've always been ONLINE with God throughout the day and night.

This has been such a blessing and place of assurance. And it's something I wish for everyone to experience since this safe place transformed into a brave space for me, and a place of reflection and challenge. And direction. Especially direction. When I let myself be still, and take courage to be held accountable by the Spirit, I'm re-directed, loved (thank God!) and empowered.

I can only imagine where I'll be in 6 months time! I look forward to learning how to efficiently share the Faith with those around me, and the world.

A 3D photo of a flower arrangement sits against a pure white backdrop. It's shadow is visible on the white background. A pale pink rose is the center of the arrangement. Hard to tell if it's AI or handmade!
Hello Spring 2024: Practicing the Art of Change

I aim for strength in my deep movement routines, and I look forward to exploring this topic more in the Physical Living section of the blog! Already, I can see a new me compared to last year and I feel powerful, sexy, and capable. I look forward to learning how to schedule my workouts.

Minimalism is a core part of my environmental health, so I've been decluttering my room and wardrobe over the days. I look forward to slimming things down- including my writing on loose leaf paper from my High School era! After inputting them into their respective G-Drives, more space will open up on my bookshelves. I look forward to keeping the time set aside to write over the weekends.

I'm back in Kenya, but I'm not the same person. It's been 4 years. Friendships are being re-assessed and boundaries are being lovingly drawn. I look forward to finding a home church and small group during my time here- however long it will be. This is the third week back home? And I'm already ravenous for deep connection with peers! I look forward to checking this off my list ASAP! Getting employed will help a lot, since having money to spend will facilitate socialization and traveling through the city and beyond.


2023 was the year of independence. 2024 is the year of establishment. I cried last year. I'm excited to rejoice this year. I learned last year. I'm excited to practice this year- and share with you guys!

A tall silhouette walks out of a tunnel with a small suitcase being dragged behind. Walking into a yellow sunset against blue sky. The tarmac narrows into a dirt road in green pastures in front of the figure
Life is a Beautiful Journey...if You Choose So

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